Meet the Horses


Charlie is a 5-year-old pony. His mother and father were both miniature horses but he has grown to be much bigger than his parents! He has been with us since birth and is becoming a fine riding pony. He is young and still has a lot to learn, such as pulling a cart. Currently he is used in kids lessons and pony painting parties. His goofy personality and beautiful colors make him quite endearing.


Teddy is a 25 year old miniature horse. We often refer to him as the "star of the ranch" as he captures the heart of everyone he meets! There is nothing this little horse can't do-from giving cart rides and driving lessons to teaching our younger students about groundwork. Teddy excels in experience, patience and of course, cuteness! Did we mention that he has his own costume trunk?


SugarBabe is an older dappled grey Shetland pony. Some of our students believe that she is a "magical unicorn". She has taught many children the basics of riding. She is a beloved part of our Pony Pals and Horse Camps. She doesn't mind the occasional Pony Painting party and she looks stunning in purple.

Fabio aka "Little Bear"

Little Bear is a 15 year old miniature horse standing at 42 inches tall. He is gentle and very well trained. We are looking forward to having him on the farm and as part of our Pony Pals program. Pictures coming soon!


Tommy is a 17 year old pinto colored Quarter horse/Arabian. He is one of our superstars as he is quite versatile. From teaching jumping, gymkhana games to liberty work or taking a trail ride in the mountains, Tommy is up for just about anything!


A 20 year old retired mounted police horse, Pepper is our beautiful Appaloosa. She is kind and patient and supports our students who are learning to ride. She is brave on trail rides and calm in the arena. She even "puts up with" our summer camps and pony painting parties.


Cinder or" Cinderella" is a 11-year-old Quarter Horse Thoroughbred. Our "Black Beauty" she was rescued from neglect and has come a long way in her training, becoming quite the athletic and elegant beauty. She is a calm and patient partner to both children and adults. Cinder teaches English and Western Lessons, Pony Pals and is a perfect choice for a trail ride.


A retired Standardbred Harness Racer, Zoe is still full of spirit at nearly 18 years young. She is a good match for more intermediate level riders wishing to sharpen their skill set. However, Zoe loves children and is wonderful for lead line rides. Zoe excels at liberty and loves an adventure out on trail. Also, Zoe loves to be pampered and will stand all day for a bath, brushing and braiding.


Soon to be joining the herd, Zara a 7 year old mustang mare, as smart as she is beautiful, with a quiet patient demeanor. Looking forward to lots of trail miles together. Pictures coming soon! Thinking of a new barn name...Sonora? Sunny?